Waiting for A&E care

Accident & Emergency; we can’t live without it but it appears that increasingly we are having to be patient if we have need of its services. So much so that research carried out by the BBC has revealed that in the past year three million A&E attendees had to wait in excess of four hours […]

Time to heal? Consult your body clock.

What is your clock telling you? Time for lunch, time for that next appointment, or maybe it is something far more profound which could affect your entire wellbeing. Perhaps the answer depends on which clock you have tuned into. The clock on the wall may be telling you one thing, your body clock quite another. […]

Mental health is everyone’s problem

It scarcely seems a year ago when we were celebrating World Mental Health Day and examining the 2016 theme of psychological first aid. Now we are returning to the subject, looking at this year’s theme of mental health in the workplace. It’s a fitting topic for this twenty-fifth World Mental Health Day, highlighting the way […]

Suffering from cyber-chondria?

Feeling a bit funny?  Worried about those lumps and bumps?  Got a strange collection of symptoms which don’t seem to add up?  Yes you may need to consult your doctor, but you should also be prepared to be told that you are suffering from a newly identified disease which according to a recent study is […]

Opening the door to physiotherapy

The government’s announcement that it intends to fund an extra 10,000 training places for nurses, midwives and other health professionals has been welcomed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP). Whilst the exact breakdown between the various disciplines is as yet unclear, any increase in physiotherapy training has to be welcomed. Despite an increase of […]

Paying by card?

£58 billion! That’s the total spend on all credit and debit cards in the UK in April 2017, the most recent figures available at the time of writing. Credit cards accounted for just short of £17 billion, whilst the debit card spend was boosted by the growing acceptance of contactless payments. Overall our growing love […]

Taking care of patient data

There’s no escaping the fact that we live in a data driven, online world. And why shouldn’t we? Properly managed, electronic storage of data can free up substantial amounts of time, leaving us free to concentrate on the more interpersonal and interesting aspects of our jobs and lives. Just take the electronic filing of records […]

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The idea of the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body was further strengthened recently with the release of a research paper via the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The research, which reviewed thirty-nine existing studies, focused on the way in which staying fit and healthy could help to stave off brain degeneration, […]

A happy and healthy Easter break

The Easter bank holiday weekend is upon us and with it comes the usual crop of warnings about staying healthy over the long weekend.  Apart from common sense advice such as ensuring that repeat prescriptions are filled and collected in advance of the weekend and that medicine cabinets are well-stocked, health boards have also been […]

Time for a clear out

If you missed ‘national clear your clutter day’ don’t worry – there is still plenty of time to make a difference.  With a nod to the allegedly diminishing practice of spring cleaning, clear your clutter day on 11th March 2017 was billed as a chance to clear unwanted items either for profit or a sense […]