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Are you a single practitioner?


If so, Clinic Appointments is ideal for you.


When you decide to work with us you get all the help you need, exactly when you need it.


You have 101 things to do running and growing your practice, so why not let us handle the routine, day to day stuff so you can focus on serving your clients?


With us on your team you’ll benefit from:


  • No distractions. When you’re with a client your focus should be 100% on them. No longer will you need to break away from a treatment half-way through to answer a call.
  • No missed calls. We answer all enquiries promptly, booking appointments, answering common queries and filtering out all sales calls. You get a full record of all calls and the action taken.
  • Reduced no-shows. Not only do we handle all appointments (including re-arranged bookings), we can also send out reminders by email or text, thus reducing the amount of no-shows you get.
  • Outbound calls. If you need us to make any outbound calls, for example to respond to an email enquiry, or to reschedule appointments if you’re ill, then we can handle that for you, no problem.
  • More… we’re there to help you. If you need anything else done just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.


Whether you use our in-house diary or another online system, our highly trained receptionists keep everything running smoothly in the background.


All our calls are recorded and you have access to a report covering everything we do. Our service is fully transparent, so you can be sure we’re looking after your clients as well as you do yourself.


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