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Calling for help

When you need help it is good to know that there is someone there for you. More importantly, you need the reassurance that the help you require will be provided as swiftly as possible. That is one reason why a number of emergency services have adopted the what3words system; an app which can pinpoint a caller’s location anywhere in the world to within a 3x3m square; identifying it with a unique combination of three words.

Signing up to the system in 2019 the South West Ambulance service commented that “Having this type of technology integrated within our Command and Control system has changed the way we are able to deal with incidents where the location isn’t known” adding “If you download the app, it will mean we can find you more easily in an emergency when every second counts. It really could be the difference between life and death.”

Of course not all emergencies are life threatening. Nevertheless, whatever the level of help required it is still good to know that support is there when you need it most. This is particularly true for those in the healthcare sector who themselves need to ensure continuity of care and support for their patients.

Sometimes it is the simplest problems which can cause the most disruption. For example, when a telephone system goes down or a member of the support team calls in sick, the resulting disruption can impact across the health practice. Clinicians may have to take time away from patient-facing duties, or patients may not be able to arrange or cancel appointments; turning an already heavy workload into a stressful situation.

That’s where Clinic Appointments can help to take the strain. Available as and when required we can step in when your daily routine steps out. Equally importantly, as we specialise in the healthcare sector, we understand the importance of treating each call with professionalism and discretion. So whether you have an emergency and need to direct all of your calls to us or simply require us to soak up an overload you can trust our trained operators to answer your calls.

For health practitioners that means that clinicians can concentrate on patient treatments without having to stop and answer a phone call, thereby helping to ensure continuity of care. And for support staff, the availability of Clinic Appointments as a back stop means that they can undertake their duties without the added stress of worrying about unanswered phone calls.

Of course, Clinic isn’t only there for the stressful times. Health practices also have the option of signing up to an ongoing service with our trained operatives answering calls on a daily basis. With added options including a diary management service including appointment reminders via SMS text, digital patient records and secure payment processing we can help to ensure patient contact is maintained, leaving the health practice to concentrate on what matters most; maximising patient treatment times.

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