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“I decided to give ‘Clinic Appointments’ a try as I am a chiropractor working by myself and prefer not to answer the phone whilst treating patients, as I find it disruptive and distracting. I have also found that if a new patient is looking for treatment, they will often ring round until they get someone to speak to, rather than leave a message on an answer phone. I’ve had lots of positive feedback from my patients. Many think I have someone here working alongside me, and they have all said how polite and efficient the service is. So, I was very impressed with the service immediately and continue to be – thank you.”

JH, Chiropractor, Brighton.

“Your service has definitely paid for itself this month, in terms of new clients that I would probably have missed, and it’s been a huge relief to me to know that someone reliable and sensible is answering my phone when I can’t. I’m very happy with the clinic appointments service, and patients have been commenting on how helpful and pleasant ‘my receptionist’ is. So thanks very much.”

SF, Herbalist, Birmingham.

“The service provided by Clinic Appointments has been excellent. It is very reassuring to know that our patients are being looked after in a professional manner and that we are not missing important calls. The text service allows us to respond quickly to any new messages and the new appointments are already covering the cost of the service. Highly recommended and excellent service from the start.”

RM, Acupuncturist, London.

“I just wanted to let you know that we get such good feedback for the efficiency and manners displayed by your team. At last our diary is beginning to fill up again. I don’t think we could have survived paying London rentals whilst employing a full time receptionist.”

AS, Osteopath, London.

“My patients love the service they are getting since I have been using Clinic Appointments – no more answer phones and telephone tag – they know when they call they will be able to make or change an appointment then and there.Feedback from my patients, often unsolicited, is that the team are polite, efficient and knowledgeable.”

FD, Chiropractor, Swanbourne, Bucks.

“I was fed up of missing calls while treating patients, or straining to hear above background noise if I was out and about, and fumbling with my diary. I wanted to project a competent first impression when the patient phoned, particularly as I work part time and am building up my small practice. Clinic Appointments have achieved this at a very competitive price. Thank you.”

LM, Acupuncturist, London.

“I cannot recommend Clinic Appointments highly enough. Their staff are professional, efficient and easy to deal with but above all they are truly dynamic and sensitive to the needs of their customers. We have been using the online diary service and have found it to be the perfect solution for what we needed. The service has been 100% reliable, simple to operate and really does do what it says it will!”

RS, Osteopath, London.

“Thank you all so much for transforming my patient appointment system. No more unanswered calls, no more stress when I am off for a day or on holiday (what a difference that has made), no longer half a dozen messages via mobile, text or emails just to make one simple appointment. Thank you for a top-notch service, from my patients and from me.”

RG, Acupuncturist, London.

“Thank you very much for what has been a highly professional, friendly and swept up operation!”

RS, Osteopath, Swindon.

“A new patient rang you for directions when lost today – they said the receptionist was most helpful and really tried – considering she doesn’t know the area she gave a good impression!”

FC, Chiropractor, South Wales.

“The last 2 years have been great and my practice has grown in large part thanks to your ongoing good work. I have a new physiotherapist working with me and the practice seems set to expand further over the next 12 months. I find your help invaluable.”

VK, Physiotherapist, London.

“Hearty thanks for a splendid job over the past 2 months. I just couldn’t have managed without you. I have been able to focus on my patients leaving all backstage work to you. You are all so sweet!! I’m sure I’ve been trouble but you are ever generous of spirit.>”

DD, Osteopath, Kent.

“I have lots of great feedback from people telling me how good the service is and how highly impressed they were when they found out they hadn’t spoken to someone in the actual clinic. Thank you!”

JH, Clinic Manager, Somerset.

“Clinic Appointments have provided me with a thoroughly professional and user friendly service from day one. Even after only a short period of time it has already more than paid for itself, because I am no longer losing potential clients when I am unable to get to the phone.”

PL, Chiropractor, Dorset.

“Yesterday a patient told me that your service was not just good but excellent; this was an unprompted and enthusiastic response to the way Clinic Appointments handled her call.”

GJ, Chiropractor, West Lothian.

“I am very impressed by the system and am sure it has increased my new patient numbers since we have been working together. It is a great asset to the practice.”

SR, Osteopath, Farnham.

“Using Clinic Appointments has freed up time allowing us to deal with paperwork and marketing much more efficiently. Also, by computerising the diary, it enables us to easily print out individual invoices for all the different therapists.”

MJ, Registered Osteopath and Clinic Director, London.

“Excellent service. Reliable online calendar functionality and an excellent human interface for the patients when they call. Highly recommended.”

MS, Osteopath, Sunningdale.

“Thank you for the service these past few years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Using Clinic Appointments helped me set up my business in the first place and I have always been very happy with the ease with which it has run. I don’t have much contact with you but that’s because it always works smoothly for me and my patients.”

MP, Osteopath, London.

“Clinic Appointments have tailored their flexible service brilliantly in order to deal with our specific clinic requirements. Thank you.”

AP, Physiotherapist, Kew.

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