Missing appointments

The Covid crisis may have put an additional layer of complexity on the subject of making and keeping appointments; but even before Covid came into view reducing ‘no-shows’ was a key priority for health services. As such it is a challenge which we have regularly commented on, sharing news of various initiatives which providers have […]

Researching recovery

Why does one patient recover swiftly and completely from an illness or injury whilst another individual may find themselves on a recovery pathway which lasts for months or even years? Is it down to genetics or lifestyle, pre-existing conditions or personal approach? It’s a question which health practitioners encounter in their daily lives and it’s […]

Learning from experience

Where have the last three months gone? Whichever side of the spectrum you were on, from health services working all out to preserve life to those with health conditions facing a lengthy lockdown, and everyone in between it’s probably fair to say that the last few months have been a blur. And that’s not surprising. […]

You have an appointment

Self isolating, furloughed, working… whatever the personal situation it would be a fair bet that the last few months has given most of us pause for thought. Whether we’ve relied on the kindness of strangers, applauded our healthcare workers, or simply missed the day-to-day interactions with friends and family; the fact of COVID-19 has inexorably […]

Time for rehabilitation

“Rehabilitation, including physiotherapy, is essential in saving the lives of people with Covid-19 and in enabling people to live their lives to the full.” That is the opening line of a CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) policy statement on rehabilitation and COVID-19. The statement highlights the challenges of delivering effective rehabilitation not only to those […]

The new normal

In March 2020 we concluded an article with the comment that “The headlines at the moment may naturally focus on the ongoing coronavirus situation but the day-to-day work of health practitioners still remains.” At that time the UK was still in the containment phase with health practitioners have to manage their duties in the face […]

A rapidly changing situation

Pick up a newspaper, switch on the radio or TV, go online: whatever medium you choose you will never be far away from a story about COVID-19. Some come from the responsible end of the reporting spectrum; providing advice on measures such as hand washing or catching coughs and sneezes in tissues. Others are less […]

Loneliness and social isolation

How can we use technology more effectively in order to address issues such as loneliness, isolation and mental health problems in old age? That is just one of the questions facing the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in its ongoing enquiry into protecting cognitive ability and mental health processes in old age. The […]

Resolving to change

Less than two weeks in to January and already stories abound of those who have given up on their new year resolutions. Little surprise there! In fact what is more surprising is that this is seen as newsworthy. After all, statistics show that 25% of resolutions don’t last the week and fewer than 10% last […]

Keeping patient records

In an interconnected world, the transfer and sharing of information has never been easier. It’s an easy statement to make but is it really true? After all Stephen Hawking may have said that “we are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain” but sometimes it seems as though those connections are […]