It’s good to talk

Sometimes when things get too much, a quiet chat can make all the difference. And generally the first people we would turn to are friends, family, or colleagues. But there are times when those informal talks aren’t enough. Times when we need something more to help us to recover our equilibrium. That’s where talking therapy […]

Reducing the pressure

As the cold weather starts to bite, so too does the pressure on health services across the country. Slips and falls on wet leaves or icy pavements bring strains and broken bones to the treatment table, whilst seasonal flu and other viruses contend with the ongoing covid crisis. The result is an increase in patient […]

World Mental Health Day

It may have been running for nearly thirty years but World Mental Health Day is as vital now as when it was first brought into being. Celebrated on 10th October, the day was initially seen as a way of bringing forward debate on mental health issues. The first ‘theme for the day’ introduced in 1994 […]

Time to walk

There probably won’t be many who would disagree with the statement that ‘exercise is good for you’. But it has to be the right sort of exercise. Whilst some may thrive on marching ten thousand steps a day or a rigorous gym session, other individuals may find that more gentle pursuits will suit them better. […]

Inspiring healthcare careers

“I hope all of the cadets have been inspired by their experiences and if they decide to continue their path in healthcare – whether as a doctor, nurse or midwife, or in one of the many other roles available – they will be welcomed with open arm.” Those comments were made by the Chief Nursing […]

Introducing the Health and Care Bill

A focus on patients, not paperwork. That’s the aim of the Health and Care Bill which was introduced to Parliament on 6th July. The Bill builds on NHS recommendations for reform, including the White Paper ‘Integration and Innovation: Working together to improve Health and Social Care for all’ which was published in February 2021. Delivering […]

Reducing no-shows

What do you do when someone makes a reservation and then either fails to show up or cancels at the last minute? It’s a problem which is having a significant impact on the pub and restaurant trade as it comes out of lockdown. At a time in which table numbers are limited due to social […]

Equality, Diversity, and Mental Health

Equality, diversity and inclusion: three practices which should be baked into the core or every organisation. But sometimes it pays to step up and do more than the usual day to day in order to celebrate these traits. To take the time to highlight ongoing efforts to promote the fair and equal treatment of all, […]

Standing tall

The reopening of gyms marks a new chapter in the UK’s recovery from covid. Admittedly, at the time of writing, only those in England have reopened, with Scotland due to follow suit on 26 April. In Wales the gym re-opening time has been brought forward to 3 May, whilst those in Northern Ireland are currently […]

Interconnected health

What condition are you treating? It used to be a simple question with a simple answer. Patients went to opticians or dentists, to physiotherapists or osteopaths, or to one of a number of other health professions depending on their prime need. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need for a […]