Keeping patient records

In an interconnected world, the transfer and sharing of information has never been easier. It’s an easy statement to make but is it really true? After all Stephen Hawking may have said that “we are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain” but sometimes it seems as though those connections are […]

Revisiting joint replacements

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has set out for consultation a revised code of practice covering all aspects of primary joint replacements. The consultation closes at 5pm on 26 November, with individuals and organisations being able to comment either on the entire proposal or on single aspects. The code which covers […]

Promoting card payments

The days of credit and debit cards being viewed as something out of the ordinary are long gone; as it appears is our initial reluctance to use contactless card payments. So much so that the UK banking trade body UK Finance has announced that in July 2019 alone there were six hundred and forty seven […]

Boosting mental wellbeing

“Our mental wellbeing is dynamic. It can change from moment to moment, day to day, month to month or year to year.” We shared that quote from the mental health charity Mind when we looked at ways of building mental resilience as part of World Mental Health Day 2018. This year’s event which takes place on 10th […]

Prevention is better than falling

When thinking about the contribution made to society by health professionals it can be all too easy to view their work as reactive; diagnosing and helping people to recover from illness or injury. But to do so would be to ignore the increasing movement towards proactive health care; enabling individuals to live healthy lives either […]

Calling for help

When you need help it is good to know that there is someone there for you. More importantly, you need the reassurance that the help you require will be provided as swiftly as possible. That is one reason why a number of emergency services have adopted the what3words system; an app which can pinpoint a […]

Reaching the limit of human endurance

I’ve had enough, I need a break. How many times have we said that in our lives, and realistically at those moments how close were we to our absolute limit? Well we know that it is good advice to listen to our bodies; and when we feel like we have had enough then it could […]

Reflecting mental health awareness week

Look in the mirror what do you see? Does it reflect you as a person or simply the shell which you inhabit? Many people would say that what is really important is the person that you are inside, your thoughts and your feelings, your attitudes and the way you interact with others around you.   […]

Tackling a culture of bullying

It’s time to take bullying out of healthcare. That’s the aim of an anti-bullying and undermining resource which has been launched by a coalition of health organisations including the Royal Medical Colleges.   Why is this campaign required? Surely with health being a caring profession bullying at most occurs in isolated incidences and only affects […]

Spring Statement – Better outcomes for patients

On 13th March 2019 the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, set out his Spring Statement. Unsurprisingly, predictions of future growth were heavily caveated in the light of uncertainties surrounding the final shape of a Brexit deal. So, relatively early within the speech, the Chancellor commented that “if the UK’s withdrawal is less than orderly, […]